If you live in a rental, you should eat lentils. See what I did there?

The answer is no. No I have not been drinking. This is a serious, or as close to serious, as I can get to, article.

As I get older, and fatter, I feel I should make some type of effort to eat a little more "heart healthy". Now, it's been proven that protein is essential in losing weight, but eating a beefy protein can load you up on saturated fat. (Yes, the bad fat). And after awhile, you can get sick of chicken.

If you said,

"What about fish?"

You can just stop reading now because I can't-even-with-you. Why would anyone eat something that swims in it's own toilet.  Honestly.

So you'll need to find a good protein that won't give you mercury poison. The answer is Lentils.

No, you don't have to be from the Middle East, or India, to enjoy the food that humans, or some type of substitute, have been eating as far back as 13 thousand years ago. They are high protein. Rich in nutrients, and are hearty and dense. So if you have a good imagination, and a good spice, you can think you're eating something else.

In addition, lentils can also fight blood sugar fluctuations that could lead to diabetes, or low energy. They'll also improve digestion as they're full dietary fiber.

But the most import thing about lentils...they're cheap. They are the Ramen Noodles of the protein world. Hell, some lentils mixed in with ramen might be tasty.

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