Small school fire uproots the students to a new building.

Kathleen Serie KWTX
Kathleen Serie KWTX

KWTX is reporting that the Belton Fire Department was called to Leon Heights Elementary late Thursday night. There was a fire inside the school, but they were able to contain it to a hallway near the office. It cause minimal damage, but it was enough that those students will be taught at a new location until officials check over the school.

The students were picked up by bus as usual, but the bus dropped the Leon Heights students at the Belton ISD Administration building on Wall Street.

Parents may contact the school with any questions at 254-215-3200.

This would hurt.

"Fire? No school right? What?! Dang-it! What does it take to get a day off around here? Being a kid is hard."

Wait. It gets worse.


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