Here's the thing about Texas - we're known as a state where people work hard. It's just the reputation we've earned. But when it comes down to it, we also know how to have  fun when the work is done, and a new study finds we're some of the best at it.

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A new report from WalletHub found that Texas ranks in the top 10 for "Most Fun States in America."

Top Ten Fun States in America

Finding something fun to do isn't really difficult depending on where you live, but if you are planning a fun filled vacation, well that can require some research. Fortunately there's the internet and if you have something specific in mind you can find the perfect place to satisfy that need.

WalletHub released the results of their latest study on Most Fun States in the U.S. and Texas landed in the top ten.

Here are the Top Ten:

1 California
2 Florida
3 Nevada
4 New York
5 Illinois
6 Colorado
7 Washington
8 Texas 
9 Minnesota
10 Louisiana

WalletHub compared all 50 states using 26 key metrics from a variety of categories like movie costs, accessibility of national parks and casinos per capita.

Fun in Texas

Here in Texas, we've got plenty of fun options all within a couple of hours away. Wanna head north? You can't go wrong with the  Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex. Austin has Central Texas covered, San Antonio and Houston in Southern Texas, the Gulf Coast if you're looking for some fun beach cities and West Texas for the mountains, pick a direction and go!

Here's where Texas scored well in WalletHub's study:

1st – Restaurants per Capita
1st – Movie Theaters per Capita
17th – Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita
1st – Amusement Parks per Capita
12th – Performing-Arts Theaters per Capita
4th – Fitness Centers per Capita

Those are some top scores that helped Texas land at #8 of 2022's Most Fun States.

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