Tonight is the night I've waited for.  At 9 p.m. Season 6 of FX's "Sons of Anarchy" cranks up with the club in turmoil and at a turning point.  Let's do a quick recap of season 5.

When we left the guys last, through a calculated plan, Jax has Tig in an abandoned garage, supposedly to hand him over to Pope for execution for killing Pope's kid.

But Jax turned the tables on Pope and uses Clay's silenced pistol to kill Pope's henchmen. Jax then frees Tig, who shoots Pope in the head and pinning the crime on Clay. Jax contacts Roosevelt who knows about Clay's involvement in the home invasions, and arrests Clay  after Gemma sets him up with false facts.

Jax then meets with August and has Clay equally framed, so that August can place a bounty on Clay, who is seen sitting along black inmates in a prison van at the end.  Jax forgives Juice, Bobby removes his Vice President patch and walks out.

When Otto is about to rat on the club, he cuts his own tongue, blowing up the RICO case against the club and any link to Tara with the murder case. Tara tries to convince Jax to leave to Oregon with her, but before they can leave, the sheriff appears at their home and has Tara arrested.

Does Clay survive the ride?  Does Bobby come back into the fold?  Will Tara be hardened by prison time?  All these questions start to be answered tonight.  Tune in tonight at 9 and find out.

Check out this video of what some of the cast did to salute the troops in between seasons.