Lincoln used the power of Jimmy Fallon and the wisdom of the masses on Twitter to craft their 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

The premise of #SteerTheScript, which was promoted by Twitter-master Fallon, was that Twitter users would tweet their favorite road stories to Lincoln. The best five would be melded into a commercial.

The result was a story about a woman who was on her way to a wedding when she picked up a German hitchhiker who had come to America to study farming. During their journey they bonded over a love of sweaters and encountered an Alpaca farm and turtles.

Then there were helpful bikers, and they somehow ruined a movie shoot which was being directed by Wil Wheaton. Of course the pair eventually got married themselves and obviously the ceremony was presided over by Rev Run of the pioneering hip hop band Run D-M-C.

What do you think of the unusual ad? Was it effective? Or was the whole thing sort of confusing?