It's hard to listen to Sam Riggs and not become an instant fan. I remember the first time I saw Sam Riggs in concert, he was opening up for Cody Johnson in Frankston TX. Sam Riggs doesn't hold back on stage. From burning guitars on stage at Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Country Festival to pouring water on a drum and killing it on a drum solo, Sam Riggs is easily one of my top 10 artists to see live. Yes, he is that good live. When Riggs and his crew make it on stage they don't hold back. Sam Riggs isn't just an amazing performer, the man can write! His latest release "Waiting for the Fall" was the most added song in Texas radio the first week of September. Sam Riggs gave us a beautiful last salute to summer.

Sam Riggs couldn't wait for a new album to drop before sharing this gem with us! "Waiting for the Fall" is one of those songs you can listen on repeat. You can expect to get your Sam Riggs on Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan every Saturday night. "Waiting for the Fall" is available on iTunes now.

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