Little Big Town's new single 'Sober' is a sweet love song bathed in four-part harmonies reminiscent of the group's most popular cuts from the mid '00s. After three edgier singles, the quartet lightens up.

Kimberly Schlapman draws lead for this soothing ballad. Hers is the sweeter of the two female voices, and she handles the song with necessary softness.

The chorus is a lyric one imagines her saying: "I love being in love / It’s the best kinda drug / Drunk on the high leanin’ on your shoulder / Sweeter like wine as it gets older / When I die, I don’t wanna go sober."

Lyrically, Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey and Lori McKenna compare being in love to being drunk, but the result isn't nearly as rough as that description. Jay Joyce's production is looser and more organic than anything else on 'Tornado,' which helps make sure the overall message doesn't come out clouded.

'Bring It on Home' and 'A Little More You' are two previous LBT cuts that 'Sober' best compares to. Many of the other songs on their latest album feature one or two vocalists on lead with the others backing them up. While Schlapman does begin this song, but the end it feels like a more collaborative effort.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's classic Little Big Town. Those who prefer 'A Place to Land' over all of their albums will embrace this track.

Key Lyrics: "You’re like drinking from a never-ending bottle / When I think it’s gone, there’s always a little more left / Lay back with you and close my eyes / Let the big ol’ world just spin on by / Saying your name with my last breath"

Did You Know?: Little Big Town are proving that groups with kids can survive on the road. Eli Young Band recently told Taste of Country they were inspired watching LBT travel. Their tour bus explodes with toys, but the foursome still manages to balance family and music comfortably.

Listen to Little Big Town, 'Sober'

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