Live-action Mario Kart races anyone? I suppose you could say that about most go-kart tracks but this one appears to be special. The Mushroom Rally is coming to Houston in March of 2019!

Organizers told ABC13 that you can actually race against your favorite characters and collect stars to win prizes. I'm a little concerned because no game of Mario Kart has ever ended for me without at least 1 trip over the cliff as my character falls off the screen. Thankfully this race will take place on the ground and not on a cloud ramp or something like that.

Drivers are encouraged to show up in their favorite costume. The winner gets to head to Las Vegas for the grand finale and a shot at the grand prize! Your $55 dollar ticket will get you 30 minutes of racing, a medal should you win, and the afterparty.

The Mushroom Rally has been in cities like L.A, London, Liverpool, and Manchester. Should you win in Houston you'll be competing against drivers from those cities in Las Vegas. The only snag is the Mushroom Rally folks have yet to reveal the location of the Houston Race although they say it won't be on the city streets.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Mushroom Rally website to see the date tickets go on sale. They will be limited. You don't want someone else buying up your chance to dress like Yoshi. Good luck!

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