Welcome back, live sports. I've missed you.

Live sports returned to the Lone Star State over the weekend as fans were welcomed back to the Texas Motor Speedway for the the O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 on Sunday.

This marks the first, fan attended sporting event since the pandemic shut things down in March.

Texas Motor Speedway has been approval to fill the stands to 50% normal capacity, which would mean that just over 67,000 fans could attend. The pics and videos I saw looked like maybe a couple of hundred showed up, but the good news is that most all of them looked to be wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

Just before gates opened, Texas Motor Speedway sent out a tweet reminding people of social distancing rules and issued a number that fans can text to report those not following social distancing rules and guidelines.

As for the race, NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw got the drivers ready with the famous" start your engines" call and, shortly after, the race was underway.

For the record, Austin Dillon won the race breaking his 88-race winless streak.

Up next is Major League Baseball, which is set to begin on July 24th with no fans in the stands, followed by both the NBA (July 30) and the NHL (August 1).

Get ready for sports overload!

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