Check out Ronnie Dibold, a 5th-grade student at Woodgate Intermediate School. Instead of letting his classmates go without a healthy drink at lunchtime, he has given up his recess time to head a school lunch recycling program.

KWTX reports that Ronnie collects unopened beverages before they get tossed in the trash and recycles them to students who did not bring a beverage, or could not buy one at lunchtime. I can remember back in my middle school days watching milk cartons pile up and over the lid of the garbage cans. So much good stuff just gets tossed out.

Kids like Ronnie are helping to put healthy snacks and beverages back on the lunch trays of kids who need them. Until recently, this was not something schools were allowed to do by law. Since laws have changed, Ronnie and his classmates are helping to Woodgate Intermediate to be a place that doesn't waste healthy food.

What a great kid!

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