Like many, I, your humble correspondent find myself wrapped up in this Pokémon fever. I never thought I would download the game and play it as much as I have.  Yet it has me thinking back to the Atari and Nintendo games of my youth, stuff like Zelda and Adventure,  only now it's a more fully immersive experience.

Everyone in Temple is familiar with Dynasty Chinese restaurant. For years, this has been the place for Chinese food in our community.  I was pleased to find that it was named a Pokémon Gym by the Pokémon powers that be.  When I've exhausted the selection of Pokémon creatures in my neighborhood and the immediate surrounding area of my work, it's a hop skip and a jump to Dynasty.

The visits have been quite rewarding. On Thursday I had just risen to level four when I decided to indulge my craving for sesame chicken at lunchtime.  After heading to the restaurant, I was inundated with a wide assortment of creatures I had never seen before. I not only crossed over the threshold of level five,  in no time whatsoever I was up to level eight!

Dynasty Chinese restaurant/file photo

I asked the hospitality staff at Dynasty if they had been besieged by Pokémon players. They assured me in the emphatic terms used by America's youth that the place had essentially turned into a  haven for Pokémon players.  To me this is a good deal because this Gym comes with  tasty dishes!

For the record, I did not order the buffet as I am trying to moderate my portions. Although I have stuck to a one plate rule for many years with great fervor,  I cannot say with certainty that what usually goes on that plate is properly portioned.  Let's face it, most folks make the most of the buffet by piling on.  I went the opposite direction: the handcrafted sesame chicken lunch special with lower calorie vegetable fried rice was my selection. It had a ring of broccoli florets around the sauced and seeded chicken pieces in a nice presentation. Since I skipped the soup for sodium reasons, a tasty egg roll was substituted.  With an endless supply of unsweetened iced tea, the meal was very filling  and allowed me plenty of time to catch as many Pokémon beings as I possibly could.  Who could ask for more?

Well, you could: on our deal site you can get $25 worth of Dynasty Chinese eating for half that amount.  It's true!  You and some coworkers could go in together and it's heluva deal.  Saving money at Dynasty is no ancient Chinese secret!

I know Jason from our Trending Segment has been the Pokemon master there on several occasions. Maybe you'll wind up fighting him for the top spot.