A local man was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after threatening a driver with an airsoft pistol.

Matthew William Bridges was allegedly driving recklessly near the Killeen mall and almost caused the victim to rear end him. According to the victim, Bridge then drove next to him shouting, then pulled up alongside his vehicle again moments later and pointed a pistol at the man, threatening to shoot him and a passenger.

Police responded to a call of someone pointing a gun at another person in the 3000 block of East Highway 190. They later spotted Bridge’s driving in the 300 block of Constitution in Copperas Cove and stopped him in the 1800 block of MLK Drive. Police say that when Bridges was asked if he had any weapons in the vehicle, he replied, “Not that I know of.” Upon searching the vehicle, officers found a black Colt MK IV Series 60 airsoft pistol that the victim had believed to be an actual deadly firearm.

Bridges was arrested and his bond set at $20,000.