Blake Henson (aka PeeWee) is known as a Central Texas hero, and I get the pleasure of calling him a friend. 14 years ago, PeeWee lost everything he owned in a house fire. Instead of dwelling on the loss, he looked forward on how he could take his pain and experience and turn it into something good. Soon after, Texas Firewalkers was born.

Created in 2008, Texas Firewalkers is a safety net for Texas families affected by residential fires; immediately providing food, clothes, and shelter to those who have nothing left. Their goal is to help relieve the initial physical, emotional, and financial stresses to fire victims.

Well, former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe heard about PeeWee's incredible story and decided to make PeeWee and the Texas Firewalkers the subject of his new Facebook show Returning the Favor. And he definitely returned the favor by gifting PeeWee and his volunteers with $30,000 along with gifts, supplies, and more.

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