Let's end the week with some positivity!

A local Waco organization has plans to expand beyond helping homeless youth in the area. 

The Cove is a place for students to receive tutoring, take showers, do laundry and get hot meals in Waco, but with access to a new federal grant, The Cove will open its door to all youth in the heart of Texas. 

From 8 am to 8 pm, children in need of a safe place and a hot meal in the Texas Regions such as Bosque, Hill, Limestone, Freestone, Falls, and McLennan county can stop in for free. 

According to KWTX, the pandemic has slowed the number of visitors that have stopped in, but The Cove believes that with the grant and the vaccine, they can now partner with other local resources to provide for our local youth. 

The Cove encourages residents to reach out if they know of any students who could benefit from the program. 

For more details on The Cove, click here



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