OK, so Saturday night's game did not end the way the Longhorns and their fans wanted it to end as Cal beat the ranked Texas team 50-43.

The season is far from over, however.  Sometimes, fans like to mope after a loss and wallow in this pity party of their own making.

The antidote to that is a can-do attitude. Texas friend Matthew McConaughey has a more direct and NSFW way of thinking,  which he delivered at the beginning of the season when visiting with the Longhorns.

By the way, if you want to see a more panoramic looking version with all of the language un-bleeped, click here at your own risk.

One of the great skills of good acting is the ability to dominate the moment by playing on peoples emotions without making it obvious they're being manipulated.  Matthew does that here, fairly effortlessly due to his connection to the University and his status as a Texan with shared interests and beliefs.  He's going to resonate with this team more than just another coach on a tear.