Did you grow up in one of our many amazing smaller communities surrounding the Killeen-Temple, Texas area? Depending who you talk to, even our bigger towns were once tiny, and sounded like a place described in a John Updike novel, or Larry McMurtry's The Last Picture Show.

So many towns were a single road that entered and left on a straight line, and that image has been part of Americana for a long time. Kids bicycling up and down along storefronts that welcomed people with a smiling face at the door.

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Now, a pair of brothers from Lott are trying to bring back that exciting downtown vibe they once enjoyed growing up there in the 1970s. KCEN-TV reported Robert Jones and DeWayne Luster have purchased a strip of downtown Lott, and are pouring their own money into providing a place for the whole community. The goal of the space is to also create a place where the youth of today can experience what it's like to be raised in a town that always feels like home.

The plan for the resurgence will include a gathering space that is accessible from all the businesses via their rear entrance. Imagine stepping outside to enjoy a coffee or sandwich, and you see an old friend who has just picked up a new hat from the neighboring boutique.

Lott already happening, and even bigger things are arriving soon. Next time you're looking for a Saturday outing, make sure you add a stop in Falls County to the great town of Lott.

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