After a rowdy fight broke out at Luke Bryan's concert in Tampa, Fla. last month, the singer stepped in to clean up the mess. Now, Bryan is sharing the details of exactly what happened.

Surprisingly, although the most injured fighter was a guy, a girl actually started the whole ordeal.

Bryan opened up to WKRK's Clay Moden during the CMA Week radio broadcasts, helping to set the story straight. "There's skirmishes and stuff at a lot of shows. But this fight, it needed me to stop the show," the 'That's My Kind of Night' singer spills. "You know, I'm watching the fans and when I see something that could potentially hurt innocent people and all that..."

However, the fight broke out quickly -- so quickly, in fact, that there were some pretty bad injuries. Bryan, who is up for Entertainer of the Year at the 2013 CMA Awards, saw things brewing while singing onstage and stopped the show completely to try and squelch the fighting.

"We don't even have a protocol for those moments; I can see a fight about to happen and look at a security guy and squash it," he shares. "But this thing happened and a guy was hurt pretty bad and they needed to get him seen about. It was very unfortunate."

Although it's never ideal to have a fight break out at a show, fans can rest assured that Bryan's thoughts aren't just on his No. 1 hits and hip-swinging moves. Says the singer, "I'm watching out for my fans. Any time you get a bunch of folks partying and all that, you know it's going to happen."

"A girl started it, that's what was funny. Two girls started fighting and then the guys finished it with each other," he adds.

Hopefully, country music fans who are apt to get a little crazy at concerts will learn from the timeout that Bryan had to instigate during the fight -- and his serious warning about the next fighter ending up in jail. “If anybody fights again, we’re gonna send your a– to jail, all right?" the singer told the Florida crowd following the incident.

As the fan-favorite singer embarks on his 2014 That's My Kind of Night Tour, here's to a whole lot of fun -- and lot less fighting.