As a frequent presence in his social media posts and a major participant in family prank wars, Luke Bryan's mom, LeClaire Bryan, is a superstar in her own right — she even made a cameo in his "One Margarita" music video in 2020.

So it's only fitting that Bryan celebrated his mom's 75th birthday in style on Monday (Oct. 10), posting a favorite snapshot of the two of them together backstage.

"I love this pic. Happy birthday Mama," Bryan writes in the caption of his post.

In many of his family-centered posts, Bryan favors silliness over sweetness, but this post is an exception — the country superstar and his mom are all smiles in the photograph, and LeClaire replied to her son's post with an equally soft-hearted response.

"My baby," she says in the comments section.

Though Bryan himself may have opted for sincerity in his birthday tribute, his wife Caroline couldn't resist taking the opportunity to make a light-hearted post: For LeClaire's birthday, she shared a carousel of photos and video of the birthday girl, including a clip of LeClaire wearing a tiara, another of her doing the splits on the beach and — of course — memories from favorite prank wars.

"Never, ever a dull moment with this one...happy birthday to the one and only," Caroline says in her post.

Despite the goofy video clips, Caroline's sentiment was a sweet one, and LeClaire responded with similar warm feelings.

"Lordy mercy what fun we have. I love everyone. People are good," she writes in the comments, perhaps in a nod to her son's 2018 single, "Most People Are Good."

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