Luke Bryan didn't know what to think — or what to do — when the three members of Runaway June began arguing — and then wrestling — one another onstage in Brandon, Miss., last Thursday (Oct. 28).

He sure did have a name for the trio once he figured out they were pranking him.

Dylan Scott was also left out of the planning of a tour-ending stage prank that involved pushing, shoving and a lot of pillows. The group shared video on Instagram.

You'll see Natalie Stovall and Naomi Cooke tussle over who gets to stand on a monitor to sing. It escalates, and then Cooke wraps Stovall in a bear hug and tries to take her down. A hapless Jennifer Wayne tries to intervene, but doesn't get very far. The music has stopped at this point, and Bryan — center-stage on the main microphone for an all-performers callback — can only look back in horror/wonder/confusion as the events take place.

"Everyone knows pranking @lukebryan ain’t easy," Runaway June write with the video. "Last night we pranked him and @dylanscottcountry into thinking that Natalie and Naomi were cat fighting over singing lead parts and the band was breaking up on stage in front of God and everybody. We legitimately thought we gave him a heart attack. Our voices are gone from screaming laughing all night. Got em’!!!!"

As it turns out, Wayne wasn't so hapless. She is the first to grab a pillow from off stage, and she comes out swinging. Quickly she strikes Bryan with the improvised weapon, and that's when he figures it all out.

"You a--holes," Bryan jokes. "They just punked my a--."

Stagehands rush even more pillows out to the stage, and soon it's a full-on pillow fight, with feathers flying everywhere. Needless to say, Runaway June are not breaking up. Stovall took to Instagram and shared another angle that captures audio of the two women fighting.

Thursday's show marked the end of the Proud to Be Right Here Tour for Bryan and company. The three-month trek kept him busy from July until mid-October, with one rescheduled date due to Hurricane Ida.

Next up for "Up" singer is the CMA Awards, which he'll host on Nov. 10 on ABC.

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