Luke Bryan recently debuted a new song at one of his shows on the Kill the Lights Tour called “Southern Gentleman,” and it’s already earning a lot of buzz from fans. But what does being a southern gentleman really mean to Bryan?

He says that though there’s a lot of components that make up a respectable man from the south, it really comes down to respect.

“There’s a lot of parameters of that,” Bryan tells the Boot. “I think holding women in the utmost highest respect and being polite and being a classy person is certainly a definition of a southern gentleman. Conducting yourself with manners and etiquette and being a good person."

The song is definitely a tribute to that person. It esteems a man who says "ma’am" to older women, holds back kissing on the first date and even stands up when a woman walks in the room. Fans in the audience loved the new tune, which Bryan performed acoustically, and apparently spontaneously.

“What was funny is, I totally did that performance off the cuff, so I’m glad it turned out that good,” he recalls. “Most of the time when I go off the cuff like that, I screw ’em up. I didn’t mess that one up. I finally did one good!”

Bryan is wrapping up the 2016 leg of his Kill the Lights Tour but will be back on the road again in October for his annual Farm Tour. “Southern Gentleman” is one of the songs slated to appear on the first-ever Farm Tour EP called Here’s to the Farmer, due out Sept. 23. Proceeds from the Farm Tour benefit Bryan's scholarship fund, which awards scholarships to students from a farming family or who plan to major in agriculture.

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