Maddie & Tae's Taylor Kerr is about to have an 11-month old on her hands after welcoming her first child Leighton Grace on Jan. 17, 2022 with her husband Josh Kerr.

The duo spoke with Taste of Country's Adison Haager ahead of the 56th Annual CMA Awards, and the new mom said just about everything has been unexpected about motherhood, especially how much she loves her daughter.

"Everything. I mean, just the joy and the love that I have for her it's like incomprehensible until you experience it and I can't explain it," she gushes. "I wish there were words in the dictionary that could. That's probably the thing I'm most shocked by is like, how much I love her."

Those feelings are certainly felt by Kerr's best friend and fellow singer, Maddie Font.

"It's like I love her as if she's my own," Font confesses. "She has my heart. I'm just wrapped around her little finger, but I just love that little girl. She's so sweet and she's just the snuggliest, most magical little pumpkin."

"She had like a crazy entrance into the world and she's just the toughest little cookie," Font adds. "I'm just so blown away by her all the time."

Leighton Grace arrived early and weighed just 2lbs., 5 oz., about one month after pregnancy complications put Kerr on bedrest. It was 53 days before Leighton was able to leave the NICU and go home. Despite a rough start, Kerr says Leighton is doing well.

"She's awesome. She's got two little teeth, she's saying 'Dada', she's sitting up. She's a big girl, she thinks she's 13 and we're gonna have to talk about that," she says with a chuckle. "She's great. Perfectly healthy, happy, awesome."

As far as Leighton saying dada instead of mama, Kerr is fine with it.

"I'm ok with that 'cause 'dada' is really cute," she admits. "Her little two teeth — like little Jack-o-lantern teeth — poke out when she says it and it's just really precious."

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