I love me some roller coasters. It's even more fun taking my nieces and nephews on them, especially when they are about to ride a particular ride for the first time. One thing I never do is try to film the experience while on the ride.

That means I've got to settle for those goofy stills the theme park gets of you and your friends riding the ride from the cameras set up along the rides. You know, the camera that catches everyone as you get turned upside down or head down a steep drop. Sometimes it's pretty hilarious to get off the ride and see the photos of your group enjoying the ride.

The main reason I won't film while on a ride? What happens in the video above would inevitably be what would happen to me. You hit a turn or a drop on the coaster and suddenly the phone slips from your fingers and falls into the theme park abyss. How in the world did this man even see a phone coming towards him?

This video was shared by Youtube user sirsammy15 on September 4th. So last weekend on board a ride called the Shambhala at the Port Aventura in Spain, one guy displays some incredible hands to be able to catch a falling cell phone!

So far, the video has been viewed 1.7 million times. What's not to love? An amazing catch! The guy who caught the phone seemed just as surprised as I was to see him catch it. He then waves the phone over his head while high-fiving the rider behind him in celebration.

The way he waves it over his head, I could have sworn he was going to drop it again. Does this guy play football? With hands like that, someone should give him a shot!

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