There's a reason why you should put lights up on your house if you live on dark street.

Via David Bergland KWTX
Via David Bergland KWTX

KWTX is reporting that a speeding car veered off the road, jumped the curb, and landed inside a home. Police said the crash cost the driver their life.

Just before midnight Sunday night, a Dodge Challenger was headed Southbound on Bunny Trail at a high rate of speed. When it got to the 3500 block of Barbed Wire it left the road, hit the curb and veered into the front yard, struck a tree, then slammed into a house.

The green car with "The Punisher" painted on the side ended up half in the home. The driver wasn't identified immediately, passed away at the scene.

No one inside the home was injured.

Police would not confirm reports of the car racing another vehicle.

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