Two men having a fight over a woman lethally escalated when Link's signature prop became a piece of evidence used in a stabbing.

It looks as if the powers of courage, wisdom or power had nothing to do with this story of two men fighting over a woman. The fight escalated to the point where a Master Sword replica of The Legend of Zelda series was legitimately used to stab someone. IGN reported that Eugene Thompson was at his home in Houston, TX with his girlfriend this past Saturday, March 1, when the couple got into a heated argument. Eugene's girlfriend then called her former husband (they were allegedly estranged), who arrived at Thompson's residence shortly thereafter.

The Harris County Sheriff's department stated that Thompson's girlfriend proceeded to let her husband into the house, encouraging an altercation between the two. Thompson responded to the intruder by running to his bedroom closet and brandishing his replica Master Sword (without even collecting the three replica pendants of virtue). The husband continued to chase Thompson despite his armament, and ran into the blade while giving chase to his estranged wife's boyfriend.

Allegedly, the men continued scuffling, and the husband ended up being stabbed in the chest and in the leg by the time the fight was over. The Sheriff's report also claimed that the husband hit Thompson with a flower pot over his head in front of the house. While prop-replica swords are commonly found on Internet replica vendor shops and in anime/gaming convention vendor rooms, they can still be quite sharp, especially at the tip of the sword. Nevertheless, a scuffle between men that involved both a Master Sword-stabbing and a pot being smashed, both done Zelda-style, reminds us that Liberty City isn't the only place with the potential for inspiring real-world crime -- Hyrule does as well.

Game Abyss / Nintendo