A California man couldn't fly back home from Austin because of his pet, Zatara, who happens to be an opossum.

Now it may seem reasonable for an airline to not allow a large rodent on board, but it appears the Californian did everything right to get in the air with his pet.

MYSA reports the passenger called the department of transportation and cleared it with them. He then preceded to fly non-stop from Long Beach to Austin. The California crew even took pictures of the possum according to animals' official Instagram.


But then it was the Austin airport that had no chill and didn't believe our hero, he ended up being stranded for four days. Come on Austin!

Look I'm not keen on crazy animals being allowed on flights, but the guy wasn't trying to have Zatara on his lap, he was keeping it in a carrier and took the proper steps to make sure it wasn't an issue.

I feel like if he pulled the service animal card them Austin folks would buckle and let him on, but this guy has integrity. Here's a little opinion, 90% of "service" animals are not doing any service.

Wow, okay getting a little political there. Anyway, he booked a United flight and got back home with no one questioning him. A Christmas miracle.

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