I've personally never been stopped at a DUI checkpoint, nor have I seen one in operation.  People get up in arms over the idea of unwarranted "search" at these checkpoints, and one man has gone to extremes to avoid participating.

To me, these checkpoints are good for the purpose they serve.  "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" is what I keep hearing ringing through my head, of course in my mother's voice.  I guess my panties just aren't up in a wad over checkpoints enough to go through the time it must have taken this man to come up with this plan.





If you don't do the research ahead of time, do you just have a note with your license on the end of a string ready to drop out of the vehicle?  If you're going through that much trouble to be a douche about checkpoints, get a better hobby.  Do you really think those cops want to be out on New Year's Eve in the cold on the side of a road trying to catch the people dumb enough to be driving drunk?

If, instead, you're going through this much trouble because you don't want the officer to smell the booze on your breath, you should just try downloading the Uber app next time.  It's much simpler, and you'll get a comfy ride home like you're royalty.  OK, maybe not that plush, but it beats a bed in a jail cell for the night.