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A Lubbock man will spend a long time in prison after being found guilty on two counts of harassment of a public servant. 36-year-old Larry Pearson, was sentenced by a Lubbock jury to 70 years in prison for spitting at Lubbock Police Officers.

While the 70 year sentence may seem like a long time for spitting, Prosecutor Jessica Gorman pointed to Pearson's overall criminal record as reason to lock him up for 70 years according to KAMC.

Gorman told EverythingLubbock.com that Pearson was arrested in May of 2022 for domestic violence after a victim flagged down an officer in the 200 block of Zenith Avenue.

The victim told police that Pearson hit her several times, and that he had a gun. Gorman said that firearm turned out to be an airsoft gun. A police report at the time stated the victim had “multiple visible injuries” on her face. Gorman said after Pearson was taken into custody, he was upset the victim was not arrested instead.

Gorman said Pearson started kicking at the doors in the officer’s vehicle. When the officers opened the door to tell him to stop, Gorman said he spit at both officers. Gorman said Pearson kept spitting after he arrived at the Lubbock County Detention Center.

According to KAMC, prosecutors asked the jury to "send a message" during the sentencing phase to not only Pearson but to society as well. Pearson, according to KAMC, had prior convictions for aggravated robbery and continuous family violence.

It was not reported whether Pearson would be eligible for parole after a certain amount of time. Due to Pearson's prior convictions, the minimum sentence the jury could have given him was 25 years in jail.

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