Bastrop County's Deputy Dylan Dorris says a former Marine with a concealed-carry firearm saved his life earlier in January.

23-year-old Dorris pulled over a motorist driving erratically who eventually stopped at  a gas station. The deputy encountered heavy resistance from the clearly intoxicated male driver and while they were fighting, the motorist allegedly reached for Dorris' firearm.

Marine veteran Scott Perkins saw the altercation and intervened, drawing his weapon and commanding the assailant to freeze. The motorist stopped his attack and fled, only to be arrested shortly after. He is facing charges of aggravated assault, taking an officer's weapon, evading arrest and driving under the influence with a child under the age of 15.

After the incident, Dorris praised Perkins to the Austin Statesman, saying "I'm alive today because of him."

Perkins' response was very humble, to say the least.

Anytime somebody is in need of help, you should assist them. It doesn’t matter whether your life is in danger or not, you should always assist anybody who is in need.