Saturday evening my golf instructor invited me to come out onto the course and play for the first time with Boyfriend and another student.

Lucky for us, there weren't many other golfers out that late on a Saturday so novice skills did not interfere with anyone else's game.

First, we went to the driving range to warm-up. It took a few swings to get things lined up again, but I started to get the hang of it and he said it was time to hit the course.

Starting at the second hole, I took my first tee shot on the course and it was predictably awful. I did get a little bit better as we progressed. I only hit three trees, and I narrowly missed a large water hazard.

I didn't lose a ball, and in fact I actually found one! We played till dark and almost finished eight holes. Fortunately, I was not sore the next day and by the time we finished I actually hit the driver well one time and the iron twice.

It was fun and definitely challenging. I am looking forward to my next lesson in cooler temps!