Maren Morris enlisted the help of her heartthrob husband Ryan Hurd for her latest music video "Rich" where she portrays a bounty hunter who finds her pay day played by her husband. Maren ties her bounty runner up to her horse and parades him all around town. Of course the city Marshall is played by a woman, can you say "girl power"?

In the end of the music video, Maren is seen in the bath with a Corona beer in hand,  and her husband walks by with nothing but a towel on. That all makes me realize that Maren Morris is in fact rich. I will have what she's having please! I love the music video, I almost felt bad for her husband Ryan Hurd, up until I remembered they just got back from their 2 week honeymoon in Bora Bora. Hey Maren, that rich life seems so tough, I want to try it!

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