Did you know 'The Blob' is from Texas? Yep. Marvel Comics character, Fred J. Dukes, evil mutant from X:Men Apocalypse originates from Lubbock.

Josh Christie of Panels.net, was curious to see if each state could claim a comic character from a hometown within their state. The answer is yes. While it would be cool if we could claim a hero like Spiderman or Wolverine to Texas, we'll have to settle for a relevant villain.

Fighting on the side of evil genius Magneto, Fred J. Dukes is a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. According to Wikipedia, Dukes was originally contacted by Charles Xavier through Cyclops and invited to be a part of the X-Men. His bad attitude was not well received by the others, and he refuses the invitation. It didn't take long for Magneto to contact him, and then The Blob joins the brotherhood.

Other notable Marvel Comics characters and their states include:

Scott Summers, Alaska

Star-Lord, Colorado

Kitty Pryde, Illinois

Hawkeye, Iowa

Gambit, Louisiana

Emma Frost, Massachusetts

Spider-Man, New York

The Incredible Hulk, Ohio

Rogue - Mississippi