High School and College graduations will be taking place in all corners of Texas over the next couple of weeks. It's an exciting time for many families made even more so when a High School or College is able to land a popular guest speaker for their commencement ceremonies.

The Bell County Expo Center has begun posting it's graduation schedule online. You can scroll through their calendar here.

In East Texas, It seemed like The Longview Lobo would see one of their own return this Friday night as alumni Matthew McConaughey was announced to speak at the Lobos graduation according to EastTexasMatters.com. They have since taken down that information off their website.

Did you ever have someone famous speak at your graduation? McConaughey is a fan favorite in Texas. People enjoy seeing where he will show up next. Odds are a Whataburger may be nearby. Anyway, EastTexasMatters.com (KETK) had a story up for a while today that attributed the announcement of McConaughey's appearance at graduation to the school's principal James Brewer. Again, that info has since been pulled from the site.

If this happened, How loud do you think that assembly was when the students got the news? Do schools even do assembly any more? Do they get a text now? In my High School, they would bring everyone to the gym for big announcements, or to report things like what is or is not appropriate to wear to prom.

By late today the Longview News-Journal published a story that Longview ISD was not willing to confirm that McConaughey would be able to be thereKRISTV.com, and FoxSanAntonio.com also posted content about the now 'unconfirmed announcement'. If there is one thing that IS confirmed its that Texans just like reading about what McConaughey is doing. I don't think fans would have crashed the graduation. Longview ISD spokesperson Elizabeth Ross confirmed the news was announced to the students during graduation practice but that the appearance could not be confirmed.

McConaughey is all over Texas in recent weeks with sightings just up the road in Troy, Texas and also in San Angelo when he gave an "Alright, Alright, Alright" to the kids working at the local Whataburger.

As a graduate of the high school McConaughey joined the Lobos football team in Austin after they were invited to the capital to be recognized for their run in the state football championship. We hope they get a chance to enjoy the 'unconfirmed appearance' this weekend.


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