Living in Texas is pretty swell isn't it?

There's so much to enjoy. The people, the food, the bluebonnets...such an endless list. But before one even thinks about taking up residence in the Lone Star State, they have to find a place to stay.

Much like living in the state, there's plenty to factor in when deciding on a place to live. Is it located near a good school for the kids? Is the area itself safe? Does the house need any repairs?

After all those are considered, one more item is thought over: the cost of the house. In Texas, it might be pretty high.

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Mid-Sized Houses In Texas Cost How Much?


Per a report from Harvard, many in the state of Texas might be worried about buying a home. Certain cities in the Lone Star State may not have as many home buyers as they would want. So where are they?

According to the report, three major city areas in the state require for someone to make over $100,000 to buy a house there. The Houston area requires a median of $102,820. Dallas Fort-Worth requires $116,238. The area around Austin requires a staggering $143,628.

Kera News also reveals that the data states that residents of the state pay a lot for their living spaces. 1 in 10 homeowners in the state do so, while 1 in 4 Texas renter do so as well.

Time will only tell if housing prices continue to increase, or will go down in the future.

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