Baker Hotel Mineral Wells, TX

This right here is what some call the most Haunted Hotel in Texas! It's the old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells. This little town sits quietly about 30 miles west of Fort Worth. If you decide you are brave enough to visit, please be respectful and courteous to it's residents.  and do not attempt to enter the Baker without the permission of Mineral Wells Police.

Opened in the late 1920's the Baker Hotel was closed permanently in 1972. In it's prime, this hot spot hosted celebrities such as Judy Garland, Clarke Gable, and Hellen Keller.

Baker Hotel elevator doorThe Hotel had nearly 450 rooms for guests, an incredible ballroom, spa, and even it's own bowling alley. The Baker Hotel was also the first to have a swimming pool in the state of Texas. Mineral Wells was a community in the 30's and 40's that hosted individuals looking for medical help from the healing power of the springs. As medicine improved over time, people turned to the springs less and less. Oh, Ghosts? Yes! If you search the internet you'll find plenty of people buzzing about this Texas haunt. Some say as many as a dozen ghosts have been lingering on inside, including the Ghosts of Bonnie and Clyde who also happen to have stayed at Baker Hotel. Since we have seen the outside, why not take a look inside? Check out this footage from a walk-through done with the permission of the Mineral Wells Police Department.

The Hotel is closed and you do need permission to go inside. Tours are available that include a trip to the grounds of the Baker Hotel, but no one but authorities has permission to go inside. The most talked about ghost inside the Baker Hotel is the story of a woman in white on the seventh floor. She is said to have been the mistress of the owner of the Hotel who took her own life by jumping out the window. Visitors to the hotel during it's years in operation are said to have seen this ghost, and even more claims surfaced once the doors closed for good.

If you search for Baker Hotel on the site Flickr, there are tons of amazing photos of this Hotel like the ones below from occasions when people have been allowed inside. Check em out!

Ballroom blitz
Mineral Wells, Texas: The Baker HotelThe Baker Hotel  Trains 007baker hotel {explored!}

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