It's almost baseball time in Texas and you may not know how many minor league teams are in our great state.

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In about a month, one of my favorite sports day of the year is coming up. Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Looks like my team the Baltimore Orioles will be taking on the Texas Rangers right after their Opening Day series and I can't wait to go to some games. Back in the day, I used to go to Minor League Baseball games all the time. My closest team as a kid growing up in Maryland was the Aberdeen Ironbirds, owned by the Iron Man himself Cal Ripken Jr.

I wish we had a team closer to our neck of the woods, but if you're planning a road trip this summer. Something fun and cheap you can do with the family is go to a Minor League Baseball game. Here is a list of EVERY team in the Lone Star State.

El Paso Chihuahuas - Cheapest Ticket $12

Although located in Texas, the El Paso Chihuahuas are actually the Triple A Affiliate for the San Deigo Padres. The team moved to El Paso in 2014 to a stadium that holds 9,500 people. Other names considered were Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Desert Gators, and Sun Dogs.

Round Rock Express - Cheapest Ticket $10

The Round Rock Express are the Triple A Affiliate of the Texas Rangers. They have technically been in Round Rock, Texas since 2000. Throughout that time though, they have 'hopped' around a bit. They were at one point a Double A Team, they have also been associated with the Rangers rivals the Houston Astros. From 2000-2010 and also from 2019-2020, they were the Astros affiliate. Currently though, they're with the Rangers. Former Texas Ranger and Houston Astro Nolan Ryan owns the team. The name is a nod to his nickname "The Ryan Express".

Sugar Land Space Cowboys - $12

Located in Sugar Land, Texas the Triple A Affiliate for the Houston Astros recently went through a name change. Loved their old name the Sugar Land Skeeters, with a mosquito logo. They're now known as the Space Cowboys since they're close to Johnson Space Center and Cowboys because...Texas.

Amarillo Sod Poodles - $15

The Sod Poodles are the Double A Affiliate for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team is relatively new, only moving to Amarillo in 2019. What the hell is a Sod Poodle? It's an old fashioned nickname for a prairie dog. Other names considered, "Boot Scooters," "Bronc Busters," "Jerky," "Long Haulers". Their stadium holds over 6,500 fans.

Corpus Christi Hooks Cheapest Ticket - $6

My favorite Minor League Baseball team in Texas. Why? Minor League teams NEED dumb logos and it doesn't get much dumber than a fishing hook with eyes. Since it is a popular fishing area in South Texas. They have a hook mascot named Rusty and a seagull named Sammy. The team currently plays at Whataburger Field which can hold over 7,500 fans and are the Double A affiliate for the Houston Astros.

Frisco Roughriders Cheapest Ticket $11

Not named after the DMX song, but I have seen the team take the field to the 'Ruff Riders Anthem'. They're named after 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment during the Spanish–American War, headed by future American President Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt actually started being used in the logo for the team back in 2015. I think it looks way better than their old logo. This is the only minor league team I have been to on the list and I highly recommend you check it out.

Midland Rock Hounds Cheapest Ticket $24

The Midland Rockhounds are the Double A affiliate for the Oakland A's currently. Before the Midland team was associated with the Angels and the Cubs. In 1999, they partnered up with the A's and underwent a name change. Settling on Rockhounds, a nickname for geologists, as a reference to the oil and gas industry of the area. What is the Rockhounds mascot called? Rocky of course. The team's stadium can hold over 10,000 fans.

San Antonio Missions Cheapest Ticket $2(NOTE ONLY A TUESDAY PROMOTION)

The Double A Affiliate for the San Diego Padres has an interesting mascot. A Jalepeno named Ballapeno. The San Antonio baseball team has had SEVERAL names throughout the years. They went back to their original name, which was actually the Missionaries in 1895(yeah they're that old), when the Padres became affiliated with them. They shortened it to Missions and the rest is history. The team currently plays Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium which can hold 9,200 fans.

Cleburne Railroaders Cheapest Ticket $5

These last three are the ones that I don't think your average baseball fan knows about. The Cleburne Railroaders are in the American Association of Professional Baseball league. Although not affiliated with any MLB team, they help promote baseball throughout the country. Our only team in Texas is over in Cleburne, they have been in the league since 2017. The teams name is a nod to the Santa Fe Railway which runs through the town. Their stadium can hold 1,750 fans.

Alpine Cowboys Cheapest Ticket $8

Not as well known as the Dallas Cowboys, the Alpine Cowboys play in the Pecos League. I won't lie, I know nothing of Alpine, Texas. The town has just under 6,000 people and has a baseball team?! The stadium holds 1,400 people. So like a 1/4 of the population can fit into the stadium? Wow! I had to look up where Alpine, Texas is. It's southwest of Odessa and pretty close to the Mexico border.

Austin Weirdos Cheapest Ticket $8

So I can't find anything for this team, besides that post above. I found this video below of what appears to be their stadium. Looks to be a pretty basic ballpark. Austin likes to keep things weird, so this maybe the most appropriate name for a team ever.

Well, that's all of our minor league baseball teams in Texas. If you get bored this summer and want to check out some of these teams. Let me know what you think.

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