Kids from North Park Junior High have made Miranda Lambert's 'All Kinds of Kinds' their theme song. The Lockport, N.Y. students and faculty teamed up to film a moving 4-and-a-half-minute video revealing all the different "kinds" that walk the halls each day. "Dare greatly to be the kind that you are" is their motto.

Among the different kinds of students: the cheerleader kind, drummer kind, helpful kind, Harry Potter kind, likes-to-doodle kind, new to North Park kind, military kids kind, stood up to a bully kind, leader kind, gamer kind … well, you get the point.

Dozens of students agreed to participate in what must have been a very time-consuming project.

The theme is similar to what Lambert chose for her official music video. In her clip, dozens of men, women and children write what their kind is on a dry erase board. The idea is that it truly takes all kinds of kinds to make our world great. These students capture the essence of the song and personalize it to represent their community proudly.