Miranda Lambert was recently named in a police report filed by a resident of Tishomingo, the Oklahoma town where the singer lives, owns and operates a cute gift shop called the Pink Pistol. The country superstar was accused of threatening to punch fellow local Melanie Peden earlier this month, but has since been cleared of any wrongdoing.

A police rep told E! (via WENN), "Both the District Attorney and the City Attorney reached the same conclusion that no crime was committed." No evidence could be found to support the claim against the 'Mama's Broken Heart' singer and wife of Blake Shelton.

Peden claimed that Lambert pitched a fit when she extended a friendly invite to check out her store, Two Doors Down Junktique, which set up shop near the Pistol.

Peden, 48, claimed that Lambert was furious at her for snatching the property out from under her. Peden was so shaken by the incident that she filed a complaint on March 13.

An investigation was launched, but the case was quickly closed.

Whether or not Lambert was questioned by authorities is unknown. Cops said that they had trouble getting time to talk to her, given her busy schedule of tour dates and other career commitments, but it's a moot point since any further inquiries are not needed for a closed case.

Sounds like this was just a hiccup and is now fading into the rear view.


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