After rescuing several dogs and cats from the streets, you would think that Miranda Lambert would have gotten her fill of animals. But her bleeding heart can't be contained! Now, the country songstress has her eye on a few larger-than-life pets. Here's a hint: She's pining for a popular marsupial from 'Land Down Under' and a behemoth mammal from Africa.

That's right, Lambert is dying to get a kangaroo and an elephant! The 'Fastest Girl in Town' only wishes she had enough extra money to buy and care for a few exotic pets.

"Elephants are really loving," she explains, according to Country Aircheck. "They can do tricks and they like to be loved on, and even though they're huge, they don't really know it."

Well, obviously Lambert likes to take in pets that want to be loved on. The award-winning country singer is even known for taking her dogs on tour. Recently, she dished that she likes to take her two smaller dogs, Delta and Cher, to as many gigs as possible.

Unfortunately -- or maybe fortunately -- it costs a pretty penny to keep a kangaroo and an elephant healthy, and Lambert isn't willing to shell out the big bucks for an one of these rare pets just yet. Unless she wins the lottery, that is.

"If I hit the Powerball, I would bring an entire trailer and set up an arena everyday while I'm on tour. I'd bring the elephant and every animal that I ever wanted on the road with me every day," she says, likely joking.

Maybe in her next life, Lambert will operate a roving circus!