Will someone please talk some sense into the fools that upset Miranda Lambert during her concert in Hartford, Ct. on Saturday night (Aug. 3)? In this clip, watch as the singer pushes pause on the rowdy Locked and Reloaded Tour to admonish someone -- or two someones -- who are apparently fighting over a boy. 

"I don't really wanna have to kick anybody's a-- tonight, so will you please get over it?" Lambert asks the fans in question. Those are not words you want to hear from this tough Texan.

At least one concert reviewer loved the take-no-bull approach to her music. The Republican said, "Lambert stands the Tammy Wynette 'Stand By Your Man' motif on its head."

This incident happened midway through the show, so the fans should have known by that point who they were standing in front of. "It's over a boy, that's so stupid," Lambert told the crowd.

RaeLynn, Kix Brooks and Dierks Bentley opened the show. This video was captured by radio station Country 92.5.