There are two things I don't believe we should do to our kids, beat them, or publicly shame them.  Meet a Florida mom whose warped method of discipline landed her in jail. 


Melany Alexander/Photo Courtesy of the Hernando County Sheriffs Office


Yep. That is the 30 year old mom who beat her middle school child,  then sent her to school wearing a shirt Mom had decorated herself.  It told a tale of a 'whoopin' last night and failing grades.  Check out what Mom wrote on the front and back of the shirt that the kid wore to school.


Courtesy Hernando County Sheriff's Office


Courtesy Hernando County Sheriff's Office


Well the shirt certainly called attention to the student, especially that word 'whoopin'. The front office gave the girl another shirt to wear and noticed she had bruises from her neck down to her legs. Police were called,  the student told them her mom beat her with a belt that had metal divots on it.   Authorities agreed the bruises were "excessive".


Police arrested the mom on child abuse charges.