It takes 56 year old James Robertson eight hours to get back and forth to work, it’s a 46 mile commute and he walks most of the way. 


James works for a  plastic-parts manufacturer in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He lives in Detroit. According to the Detroit Free Press, James1988 Honda Accord stopped working about 10 years ago, since them James has had to rely on limited public transportation, occasional rides from others and his own two feet to get to work.



James only makes $10.55 an hour, so he can’t afford another car.  He can’t move closer to work because his girlfriend inherited the house where they live.

So Monday-Friday, James leaves the house around 8 a.m. for his 2 to 10 p.m. shift.  He catches the last bus toward home at 1 a.m. and doesn't get home until 4 a.m.

Despite all this, James always gets to work and on time too.

Enter Evan Leedy and Go Fund Me. Evan, a student at Detroit's Wayne State University, set up an account to get James a car and insurance.


Evan and James/Go Fund Me


The Huffington Post talked to Evan, he told them he really didn't think anyone would donate. So he set the goal for $5,000.  Boy was Evan wrong!  In just one day, donations reached nearly $50,000.   Chevy and Honda dealerships also offered to give James a car.

They may change their mind, that account was up to almost $130 thousand this (Tuesday) morning.

Evan also posted this update: "Hi everyone! At the beginning, my goal was just $5000. I just wanted to get him a car to get back and forth to work, but thanks to everyone's generous donations, this is skyrocketed into more than just a car. I want to thank everyone for their continued donations. Every penny will help James in any way that he needs it."


James is just amazed at all the generosity. He finds it hard to believe that strangers would want to help him out.


Sometimes social media is good!  Maybe somebody spilled some Coca Cola on the internet.