We've heard the comparisons between monkeys & humans for decades now.  We've heard we've evolved from monkeys.  We look similar to monkeys.  We even loved a band called the Monkees.  But the question has always been... Just how much are humans & monkeys alike?


We now have an answer.  As you can plainly see in the video below, while we're not sure why the monkey wants the leaves, or why the monkey wants the leaves crushed, we know the monkey DEFINITELY WANTS THOSE LEAVES CRUSHED.  Much like the humans I spend the most time around (wife, children, co-workers), this monkey may not even HAVE a reason for crushing the leaves.  Maybe, like my children, the monkey is just amused by the sound of the leaves being crushed.  Maybe, like my wife, the monkey wants the leaves crushed just because you were standing there without anything better to do.  Maybe, like my co-workers, well... we'll just keep the peace in the building for now.

Bottom line here:  Monkeys are divas.  Regardless of why they want the leaves crushed, the leaves got crushed.  And to a diva, that's all that really matters.