If you ask me, I'd say Texas is famous for many different foods, but apparently there is one that has been named the most famous.

Texas Cuisine

What do you thing of when you think Texas food - or better yet, famous Texas food? For me, BBQ instantly comes to mind, as do pecan pie and Beaver Nuggets. (It's the simple things in life for me.) I also think Dr Pepper, Big Red, margaritas, and Lone Star beer are all Texas brands that stand out as "famous", meaning people tend to know where they originated from.


Tex-Mex is definitely a Texas staple. Fajitas are one of my favorite meals and I literally have to force myself to not order the steak fajitas every time I go out to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. I like to try different things, so occasionally I'll do enchiladas, burritos, carne asana tacos, or a chicken dish just to mix it up. But when I hear those sizzling fajitas headed for another table, there's always a twinge of jealousy.


One ingredient that separates the Texas cuisine from the Mexican cuisine is the use of cheese, and cheese plays a big part of the Tex-Mex dishes. Real Mexican dishes don't use very much cheese at all (if any), but here in Texas, and anywhere you find Tex-Mex, cheese is a big part of the menu.


Queso is always a must-have when we go out, so it's no wonder it was named the food Texas is famous for by Mashed.

Surprised? Me too really, but it does make total sense. Not only is queso offered at every Tex-Mex restaurant you go to, but just about every other dine-in establishment also offers the dish. Corporate restaurants like Chilis and Applebee's along with just about every other hometown favorite spot serves queso as an appetizer.

Queso is Texas' Most Famous Food

I ain't mad about it. I wouldn't have picked queso as the most famous food in Texas, but I ain't mad about it.

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