A look at some FREEBIES (or stuff for as low as $1) available in Central Texas!

The wonderful world of Craigslist! Sometimes you'll strike gold, other times you'll find...well, free stuff!

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    Free Fire Wood!

    Old trees? Well some would say FREE firewood! That's what Jordan in Killeen has for ya. He says if you come cut them down, and haul off the lumber, you can have as much as your want! They do look like they'd make ya a great Bonfire!

  • 2

    Free Christmas Tree!

    Christmas comes early this year near Fort Hood Street (near highway 195)! While this certainly isn't fire wood, it is another "You call, you haul" freebie!
    9.5 feet of Holiday Cheer, yours for the taking!

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    Free Piano!

    If your near Belton, and know a thing or two about Piano repair, this could end up being a pretty nice salvage!  A Mayer Brothers model, once repaired it could make for a great addition to any home or church!

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    Free Kids Toys!

    When Mom says "Clean up this mess or I'm giving all these toys away!" Check out all these toys available for $1. It's not completely FREE, but it's a real deal at $1 available near Westlake. Jump on Craigslist and have a look.

  • 5

    Free Styrofoam!!

    Got stuff to pack or take to storage? A little Styrofoam could protect your breakables or keep your valuables from getting knocked around! Take as much as you want. It's near Cedar Park Ridge Road in Temple!