Last week a couple of staff writers at the Austin American-Statesman asked in an op-ed piece, "Will Austin-San Antonio become the next DFW?" (Dallas-Fort Worth for those not in the know.) They made some compelling observations.

"22 percent of the half-million people who moved to Texas in 2015 landed in the San Antonio or Austin areas."

"Together, the two areas posted four of the top 20 fastest-growing counties by percentage change in the nation..."

One of those four counties is actually Williamson County, which is NORTH of Austin and adjacent to our own Bell County. People moving there are moving farther out from San Antonio and closer to our own community.

This begs the question: what do we have to do to get in on this action?

The first thing that pops into the minds of Bell County residents who want to adhere to a decidedly rural lifestyle "we don't need no more people!" I get it, but truthfully, we have a lot of space. This is Texas, after all. So go with me on this.

The biggest impediment is - no shock - the continued construction on I-35. Honestly, this is outrageous. The SK Dodgen Loop is not directly accessible to the main highway at the current time. The frequent lane shifts and closures, it's crazy. The town of Salado, once a shopper's delight, has taken a hit. Completion of the improvements to the transportation infrastructure is the linchpin of our growth.

Until we tackle that beast, we aren't in a position to move far. Like anyone else stuck in traffic.