A little puppy from Dallas is the latest internet star due to what appears to be a mustache under his nose.

Everyone loves 'Salvador Dolly'. He is, of course, named after the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali, who had one of the craziest and most recognizable mustaches in history. But I believe he should be named either 'Magnum' or 'Selleck' after American actor (and my hero) Tom Selleck, who portrayed the greatest T.V. character of all time -  Thomas Magnum!

Anyway, KVUE reports that the pup will be up for adoption, but will be taken away up to New York to do so! Come on! A Texan deserves that dog!

Well, we may lose little Magnum...I mean "Salvador", but he will always be a Texan.

Since I can't adopt him myself, I guess I'll have to do the next best thing and grow a sweet 'stache myself. It's on my bucket list, and gosh I need to check at least one thing off it!


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