We've had those moments in life where someone is getting on our nerves. Sometimes, it even gets heated to an unexpected point. The thought that might cross your mind could even be "man, this person might need a reality check!"

It could over the mutual want of one item. There's a chance it's over a moment where someone gets impatient. It could even relate to someone feeling like they're getting disrespected.

Eventually however, cooler heads prevail right? Everybody goes home, and may even a laugh or two can be shared about the moment. But the thought always lingers in some people's minds:

What If We Could Fight Out The Problem?

Look, we'll be the first to tell you that violence is never the answer to problems. But every once in a while, two people decide it is the answer to the current situation they face. But...both of the people could face legal action for fighting right?

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After all, being friendly is part of living in the state of Texas isn't it? But...there is one way that Texans can duke it out if they decide the problem needs to be decided the old fashion way: Agreeing to mutual combat.

Texas Law About Mutual Combat

Yes you read that right, mutual combat is allowed in Texas. There is one thing that individuals must do, otherwise it's illegal according to Penal Code 22.06 in the Lone Star State.

The people wanting to fight, must verbally agree that they want to fight. Of course, weapons are not allowed, otherwise other laws come into effect.

Basically, if both parties decide something is worth getting into a fist fight about, they can both publicly declare it and start punchin' as long as they aren't obstructing traffic, using weapons, or causing property damage.

But Texas isn't the only state where this can take place.

According to KSAT, the only other state in the union that where mutual combat is legal is Washington. So in 50 states, only two you can fight in if both participants agree to it.

Though the thought remains, "is fighting always the answer?"

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