There were a lot of powerful performances, Carrie Underwood costume changes and jokes about Obamacare at Wednesday night's CMAs aired on ABC-TV and on US 105.  It was hard to pick a favorite moment.  That's why I've decided to break it down by different categories.


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Funniest moment:

"Obamacare by Morning" was by far the funniest moment of the night, but because I can't find a picture of Brad and Carrie singing that song I'll go with a close runner-up with pictures included.I definitely have to go for the Miley Cyrus shot delivered with a foam Nashville Predators claw.  I'm assuming she used the claw and not the foam finger used by Miley because Miley's foam finger had to be destroyed by a HAZMAT crew.  With Brad in his Beetljuice/Robin Thicke suit and Carrie with her foam claw, the punchlines kept on coming.  A third funny moment came thanks to the "Duck Dynasty" crew's take on "Blurred Lines".



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Greatest Moment:

I'm going to take the easy way out and go with a tie.  Taylor Swift finally won me over last night.  It's easy to take shots at her songs (and I do), but given that she writes ALL HER OWN MUSIC I've got to cut her some slack.  I'd rather hear cheesy, immature love songs by Taylor than watch any other singer doing karaoke to another songwriter's song.  Her performance showed off her amazing vocals in a stripped-down style.  The tying moment came when George Strait came out with Alan Jackson to honor George Jones with a song together.  Two of country's heavyweights honoring one of THE country music singers of all time means so much to longtime country music fans. A lot of true country music fans would mark this as an all-time "Best Moment" in the history of the awards show.


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Biggest Surprise:

I was shocked, with my mouth hanging open in surprise, that Florida-Georgia Line didn't win the Best New Artist award.  Kacey Musgraves is great and all, but she's not even in the same stratosphere with these boys in terms of debut success.  I immediately took to Facebook to cry "upset" and found that I was a little late.  I was about five minutes behind on DVR, and the Facebook world was already up in arms.  Some people were arguing (as the tend to always argue) than Florida-Georgia Line "isn't even country", but to them I'd say, "Ask the millions of people that just made that the most successful country music singer for a duo all-time".  Just because it isn't YOUR TYPE of country music doesn't mean it's NOT country music.  Get off your high horse and enjoy the ride down here with the rest of us.