Last week, we reported that the oft-criticized Taylor Swift had an unlikely ally in feminist punk rocker Kathleen Hanna. But Swift has also earned respect from other people in different arms of the entertainment field. Like screenwriter and 'Nashville' creator Callie Khouri, 55, who said that she supports Swift's formula since it's brought the '22' singer as much success as it has criticism. And you can't argue with success. Let the haters hate.

When asked if she had any thoughts on the backlash that Swift has endured for mining her personal life as source material for her songs, Khouri, who won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for 'Thelma & Louise,' made a super valid point. "If I could have the kind of backlash that caused me to be No. 1 on the charts for months and months at a time and have sold-out concerts for the next however many years, that’s the kind of backlash I could live with," she said.

Khouri also believes that Swift is making a direct connection with her fans through her subject matter and lyrical choices, and it works. She said, "If that’s what she wants to write about, God love her, I support it. It’s obviously speaking to the audience she’s trying to reach."

Swift has to be feeling the love from other creative women right now!