Here in the U.S. it's pretty common to play "The Star-Spangled Banner" before any sporting events. I've grown up watching and going to games and always look forward to to the singing or playing of our National Anthem, so to hear that the owner of the Dallas Mavs, Mark Cuban, has decided to drop it from pre-game ceremonies? Yeah, see ya later Dallas Mavericks!

These are different times we live in. I get that, and I also understand the social and political change that's happening in our country right now. Much of it is long overdue, and I support a lot of what's happening.

I do not, however, support dropping our National Anthem because, as Cuban said, "We also hear the voices of those who do not feel the anthem represents them." So what about the voices of those that do support our great country and it's anthem? Apparently we don't matter as much anymore.

Cuban made the decision to drop the anthem prior to the season, and nobody really even noticed since games are being played without fans in the stands. In fact, Dallas hosted fans on Tuesday for the first time since the pandemic started, as 1,500  vaccinated essential workers attended the game for free.

According to a report on the Waco Tribune-Herald, NBA spokesman Tim Frank says, "Under the unique circumstances of this season, teams are permitted to run their pregame operations as they see fit."

There has been a lot of reaction since this came out. Shannon Sharpe said on his show, Undisputed, "I'm fine with the decision. We have to stop with this notion that gestures and symbols are a sign of patriotism. Actions and deeds make you a patriot. Sporting events will be just fine."

Since this report came out this morning, the NBA has responded, saying that all NBA teams, including the Dallas Mavericks, will play the National Anthem before the start of the games. Mark Cuban has agreed to do so as well, but for me the damage is already done.

Sorry, Dallas. I'm out on the Mavericks. Go Nuggets!

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